Here are 10 sure-fire ways to unravel the progress you've made towards buying your next home:

1. Looking at a property in its current state and deciding it can't work for you. If you've seen even one Property Brothers episode, you know a home can SERIOUSLY be changed. Be flexible.

2. Talking out loud about the property AT ALL if the seller or their agent is around. Sellers can be offended by you mentioning the carpeted bathroom is gross.

3. Sleeping on it. The house the you fall in love with today and want to offer on tomorrow might be the house someone else saw yesterday and will make an offer on today.

4. Ignoring your agent's advice on your offer price and low-balling. Sometimes a seller will counter your offer back, but some low-ball offers are rejected in silence. The seller will decide it is better to say nothing at all than to say what's on their mind when a ridiculous offer is presented.

5. Not having all your financials completely sorted out. Beyond the pre-approval, do you have your down payment money IN THE BANK? Do you have phone numbers of your employer(s) at the ready? Do you have your bank statements printed? If it takes a week to coordinate a transfer of funds, or 10 days for a loan underwriter to even begin looking at your file because you've got incomplete data, you may miss a deadline from the seller, and lose the deal. Don't overthink it either. Provide only what is asked for, and answer only what is asked. Buyers have almost literally talked themselves out of a deal.

6. Don't take on any additional debt, or add a new credit card.

7. Change jobs unless it is the same line of work for equal or higher pay.

8. Don't allow anyone other than the lender you are working woth to make an inquiry on your credit report.

9. Don't change bank accounts or transfer money within existing bank accounts.

10. Purchase a car or even that nice sofa to go in the new home.

 What are 10 'No-No's For Home Buyers?